Dr. Marineé Torres

Dr. Marinere Torres Aguilar is a graduate of the General Hospital of Mexico where she specialized in Medical Oncology, she is certified by the Mexican Council of Oncology in this specialty. She is also an active member of the Mexican Council of Oncology.

Dr. Marineé is part of the Quintana Roo Chapter of the Oncology Medical Society (SMeO) and at the same time serves as Secretary of the Quintana Roo Medical College. In the academic field, she is an active undergraduate professor at the Anahuac University School of Medicine. She is currently an Associate Physician of the Cancun Cancer Institute Medical Oncology Service.

She has experience as a researcher in clinical studies for cancer patients in different indications such as: breast cancer, lung cancer and melanoma. These studies offer treatment options with innovative drugs (such as immunotherapy) as an effective and proven treatment for this disease.

She is also an active member of various foundations, among them, we can mention the AMANC Quintana Roo Foundation.

As anecdotal information, Dr. Marineé successfully attended, together with the Radiotherapy and onco-pediatrics service, our first patient from the Cancer Center in December 2012 and in turn, was the one who established the guidelines and norms to be followed in the Chemotherapy service of the institute.