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Quality of Life


They are efforts that are oriented to the relief of pain and other symptoms caused by cancer and secondary to its treatment, through the professional accompaniment of treating doctors, professionals in psychology, nutrition and physical rehabilitation for the patient and their family from the first day of your diagnosis.
Aiming to provide a humanly better Quality of Life in the fight against cancer.


From the moment the cancer diagnosis is made to carry out a punctual monitoring of the patient during their treatment, increasing her physical and mental strength to carry out her daily activities.


Cancun Cancer Institute provides free Quality of Life services for all of our active patients.
NUTRITION: Maintaining an adequate state of nutrition is essential to improve tolerance to treatments, reduce toxicity, manage secondary symptoms that may appear in cancer treatments and strengthen the immune system. We have a nutritionist who advises the diet of our patients, indicates supplements when necessary, clarifies doubts and provides advice to reduce symptoms.
PSYCHOLOGY: We help to better cope with emotions such as: anxiety, worry, fear, sadness, anger as well as thoughts that may interfere with decision-making about treatment and health. The psychologist intervenes to improve communication between the doctor, the patient and her family.
“PHYSIOTHERAPY: It is an essential therapeutic element and its objective is to maintain the functionality, independence and quality of life of the patient, it reduces the risk of developing lymphedema in case of surgical intervention.
PALLIATIVE CARE AND PAIN CLINIC: Cancun Cancer Institute has a group of specialists in pain management and in the care of patients in the terminal stage that allows us to offer humanely dignified life expectancy in the fight against cancer.


Dr. Jorge Gómez is a graduate of Medicine from the University of Guadalajara, he specialized in oncological surgery at the...
Dr. Marinere Torres Aguilar is a graduate of the General Hospital of Mexico where she specialized in Medical Oncology, she...
Originally from Cancun Quintana Roo, Dr. Raúl Díaz is a medical graduate from UADY, Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán. He specialized...
Dr. Alondra Naranjo is a Medical Oncologist who has been part of the Oncology Center multidisciplinary team for several years,...
Dr. Omar Ortega studied a Bachelor of Medicine at the University of Guadalajara, later he completed a specialty in General...
Dr. Andrea Vargas is originally from the city of Cancun Q. Roo, her basic education was carried out at the...
Pharmaceutical Chemist Biologist
José María de Jesús Mendoza Rosado is a graduate of the Autonomous University of Yucatán (UADY), Yucatán, México. He has...
Gynecologic Oncologist
Dr. Ana Lilia Franco is a specialist in Gynecology and Obstetrics with a subspecialty in Gynecologic Oncology. She is a...
Radio Oncologist
Dr. Jheymmy Ortiz is the head of Radiation Therapy at Cancun Oncology Center and the only Radio Oncologist in Quintana...
Surgical Oncologist
Dr. Brenda Pastrana is part of the multidisciplinary team at Cancun Cancer Institute. Oncologist Surgeon graduated from the National University...
Gynecologic Oncologist
Dr. Elisa Paola Jiménez Arroyo is a Gynecologic Oncologist who started her medical training in the Autonomous University of The...
Dr. Arianna Tabares has a specialty in Internal Medicine from the Universidad de Juárez Autónoma de Tabasco, as well as...

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