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Cancun Cancer Institute’s Social Responsibility

Cancun Cancer Institute (CCI) is highly committed as a social contributor in the local community through its everyday work, and has contributed to a vastly increased quality of life for hundreds of patients in Cancun and the Yucatan Peninsula, as well as patients from abroad such as Belice.
Our social responsibility in reaching out to people in need of care, and in providing state-of-the-art treatment to people of all means, both wealthy and poor, is an integral part of our social objective. CCI provides the following:

  • Medical procedures not already available elsewhere
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • International standards of medical care
  • Cooperation and assistance by world-renowned medical experts
  • Help with financing
  • Training of local doctors, physicists and nurses

What more do we achieve with our resources ?

CCI focuses on social responsibility in five ways:

  • by creating awareness through information and education
  • by promoting preventive care
  • by educating on the importance of early detection and how to do it
  • by treating patients with limited or no financial means
  • by being active in the medical community to improve knowledge and treatments through research

1. Create Awareness through Information and Education

Patients with cancer or neurological conditions often approach a doctor, if at all, once the tumor or the lesion is already far too large or advanced, making it less likely to be cured. This is not only due to late detection, it is mainly due to lack of awareness, education, and understanding of the importance to be diagnosed and treated in time. CCI is active in creating awareness throughout the region where the center is located, through various means:

  • Work with local organizations
  • Sponsor local non-profit organizations and their activities
  • Dissemination of information leaflets
  • Seminars and information meetings
  • Our center is open to external doctors for peer review of cases

2. Preventive Care

Preventive care requires more educated local staff, providing advice on health issues, nutrition and behavior, as well as prevention of drug, smoke and alcohol abuse. Together with our local partners, we assist in the development of such know-how and capability in the clinics and outposts in each region.

3. Early Detection

Detecting cancer early is an essential part in the success rate of cancer treatment. MRC therefore cooperates with local imaging and diagnostic centers, in order to educate the population on self-detection, and on the importance of proper diagnosis and imaging.

4. Treatment for Everyone

– Treating patients of all means and backgrounds, the poor and less fortunate: It is the philosophy of our centers not to reject a patient with limited or no financial means and no insurance coverage. We try to work with the patient to find a solution to his/her family’s situation.

– Choice of Treatment Options: Doctors have several options of medical treatment for cancer, such as chemotherapy, surgery, radiotherapy, brachytherapy, and radiosurgery, or a combination of two or more of these options. CCI and its case review boards play a very important role in bringing know-how and experience together, thereby improving the quality of care to patients.

– Telemedicine: CCI’s extensive international network of doctors, surgeons and physicists is available to give second opinions on the medical conditions of patients, by reviewing medical reports, diagnostic results and images by internet. This is a very valuable and effective support to our local professionals and patients.

5. Education and Research

CCI actively promotes the need for initiating or participating in education and research.

  • Education: CCI believes that continued education is vital for the continued improvement of treatment options for our patients. Our doctors and medical physicists participate in an ongoing annual program that includes classes at congresses and seminars, regionally, nationally, and internationally. Furthermore, our medical team is proud to also help in educating others, and several of them are active as teachers.

By March 2020, centers in Cancun and Queretaro have organized over 450 information meetings and training seminars on cancer, auto-detection, prevention and treatments.

  • Research : CCI believes that the active involvement of our medical team in research helps the development of the common knowledge of the medical profession, not only locally but also worldwide, and motivates our medical team to have passion for their profession, seeking to constantly progress in their professionalism.

6. At the Service of Our Community

In times of crisis, our centers tries to be present when called upon by the community to assist those in need

7. Safety

We take the safety of our staff very seriously. They care for patients from all walks of life, often with reduced immune systems. Also, all staff members know that they need to take the necessary precautions to protect themselves when outside of our center, so that they don’t transmit any illnesses to our patients or to their col- leagues.

The precautions also allow our centers to remain open in times of crisis such as during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our cancer and neurological patients need care even during such difficult times, and closing our facilities is not really an option, unless it is mandatory.

The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic gave us an excellent opportunity to experience and implement safety precautions more than ever. The often contradictory information and guidelines coming out of local and national governments, as well as international health organizations, gave us no choice but to assume the worst scenarios and implement safety precautions accordingly.

… and the last words to our patients…

“We are very happy !!!! In our experience, it las very good to find a specialized center in the City.  We arrived here with fear due to the treatment and previous experience, but Dra. Marineé and the nurse Luis made us feel calmer and loose that fear.” 

30 de Marzo, 2015. 

Dieter P. de Berlín, Alemania, Residencia: Puerto Morelos, Quintana Roo.

“I have sopken to everyone, the advantages of treatment and excellent service, keep it up,     l have never been treated like this in a Center. The Doctor is a angel .” 

Meningioma/Tratada el 09-08-2012. 

Anita Philips, Santo Domingo.

Cancun Cancer Institute, a Social Commitment to the Community


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