Who we are

We are an Oncology Center specialized in the comprehensive management of cancer patients. Made up of certified specialists in the different areas of oncology, we attend to each of our patients individually with a multidisciplinary approach to guarantee the best result and the safest treatment.

We are governed by the values ​​of ethics, empathy, dignity and passion, to the principle that the human factor is always above business.

As a complement to their medical care, our patients have access to by the Quality of Life department, in order to maintain the best functionality, better understand the disease process, reduce anxiety and other side effects of it.

We are located within the Galenia hospital, the only high-specialty hospital in Quintana Roo with the best state-of-the-art technology, awarded three quality accreditations in care and service, where patient safety is the most important thing.

The MRC International logo is a guarantee of high quality, excellent patient care, high work ethic, transparency, patient safety and social responsibility, as well as, and most importantly, a guarantee that the patient comes first and that the centro will do everything possible to choose the ideal combination of treatment adapted to each patient.

International Specialists


Radio Oncologist
Prof. David A. Larson, MD, PhD, is a widely recognized international expert on the subject of brain and body radiosurgery. Dr. Larson is the author of more than 200 medical articles, multiple scientific reviews and book chapters, in turn he participates within the editorial committee of innumerable medical journals. Dr. Larson was the president of the “American Society for Radiation...
Neurosurgeon Radio
Dr. Christer Lindquist, MD, PhD, is a neurosurgeon trained at the University of Texas and the Karolinska Institute. Prof. Lars Leksell and Prof. Ladislau Steiner were his teachers. He was the Head of Services for the Gamma Knife Center and Professor of Neurosurgery and Course Chief at the New England Gamma Knife Center at Brown University, England. Prof. Lindquist is...
Dr. María Claudia Mallarino is a Colombian Medical Oncologist with extensive experience in cancer treatments at Florida Cancer Specialists, Sarasota, USA. She graduated from the Colombian Medical-Military School and later completed her residency and post-doctorate in Oncology at Stanford University. She was an adjunct professor of Oncology at Texas Tech University.
Neurosurgeon Radio
Dr. Richard L. Weiner, MD, FACS, is a member of the Dallas Neurosurgical & Spine Association and works at Dallas Presbyterian Hospital. He is an associate professor at the University of Texas Southwest Medical Center. Dr. Weiner is an expert in CNS and spinal cord microsurgery as well as vascular neurosurgery. Currently his main practice is based on stereotaxic radiosurgery...

Galenia Hospital Accreditations